Why Using Rails?

Before this we have talked How To Install Ruby on Rails in Ubuntu 14.04. In this section I will tell you the story “Why We Using Rails?”.


Ruby is programming language that have feature everything is an object. Because of this, Ruby is the easiest programming language to use & understand.A few of my friend ask me, “What the programming language that you are using?”. And I tell him I’m using ruby now. Clean syntax, we don’t need to compile ruby, or we can using irb (interractive ruby) to test the ruby code that we will use before we add it to our program it’s work or not.


Rails is framework web application that using ruby language. In the modern web applicatoin right now, we can create the code by using generate code in terminal seems like the features of rails. Maybe the old web application we would write the same code as long as same with previous code that we created. Rails is MVC (Model View Controller) Framework, it make differences with database, layout, and function method to make your site dynamic. We generate database and store it as model in rails, it will give us table and column that we generate some model in “db>migrate” folder.

That’s some review as my experience in rails. I was started learning rails 6 monts ago. You can jump into Ruby Official Site’s and Rails Official Site’s to see more details about Ruby on Rails.


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